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artists' papers

Dear All

I am currently doing research on the availability and use of artists'
papers in Australia during the war years (1915-1918 and 1940-1945).

Lana and Whatman papers appear to have been used by Australian War Artists,
but which other papers could have been imported by Australia during this
period?  Australian mills were not producing artists' quality paper until
the 1950's.
The information I am seeking includes:

1)  The impact of the war on production at the various mills;
2)  The names of Australian suppliers that were selling artists'papers
during the war years;
3)  The volume and type of paper being imported by Australian suppliers
during these years;
4)  The names of the paper mills exporting to Australia during the two
world wars.
5)  Technical information related to production of these papers (e.g. fibre
type, fillers, coatings, sizing, method of manufacture).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Louise Wilson.

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