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Re: paste paper tools and ideas

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Artemis BonaDea wrote:
> Cool Tools:  what's the coolest tool you've found or made to create the
> most fabulous patterns or textures on paste paper?

My favorite tool so far is a rolling stamp made from one of those
factory-made wooden wheels that you can buy in craft stores and hobby

I cut a piece of one of the cheap foam sheets you can buy at the same
craft and hobby stores as wide as the wheel rim, but a little shorter than
the circumference. I then cut it apart semi-geometrically, and glued the
pieces to the wheel with a little bit of a gap between each piece. I used
contact cement, but a glue gun would probably work too.

The first time I used the stamp, I stuck a pencil through the center of
the wheel. It worked, but it was kind of wobbly. The same companies that
make the wheels make axles to fit them, and they work well.

If you use a small wheel, this also works well as a rubber stamp. The
bigger wheels are awkward to ink.

Emily Epstein

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