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Re: paste paper tools and ideas

The paste paper ideas are GREAT!  My printer is working overtime to crank
them out so I can put them in my "Paste Paper file".

Emily's suggestion of rolling pins brought two more of my favorites to

Kitchen stores sell specialized rolling pins.  My favorite is pin incised
with small squares.  I use it as the "final" pass on paper to create an
overall dot pattern.  It's small enough that the patterns behind still
come through.  I've found it especially usefull for papers I want to use
on small or miniature books, otherwise my patterns can be too big.

The specialized rolling pins also come in with stripes incised on them.
I think these pins run about $20.00 or so.  A cheaper way to get overall
parallel lines is to use a sheet of corrugated cardboard.  The type of
cardboard I use has exposed corrugtation.  I work my paste paper and then
press the cardboard, corrugated side down into the paper.  It leave
straight, even lines.

Also, a trick I learned from Susan Kristofferson is to put all my lines
on a diagonal as lines are difficult to keep "even" and diagonal lines
don't look bad when they're not even.  Diagonal lines are often more
interesting on book covers.

Thanks for all the great paste paper ideas!  Keep 'em coming!


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