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NY State Discretionary Grant Application Seminar

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NY State Discretionary Grant Application Seminar

METRO's Conservation/Preservation Advisory Council will sponsor a
grant application seminar on May 1, 1997 from 3:00 - 5:00pm at METRO
headquarters in Manhattan: 57 East 11th St, 4th Fl.

This seminar will detail the application process for the NY State
Discretionary Grant for the Conservation and Preservation of Library
Research Materials.  Barbara Lilley, Coordinator of the Discretionary
Grant Program, will discuss the grant system and provide guidelines
for NY State institutions considering applying for 1998/1999 grant

Following her presentation, three speakers from institutions that
have received these grants for their research materials will give
brief talks on various aspects of the application process.  Judith
Reed, Conservation Librarian at the NY Botanical Garden, will talk
about the team approach to a successful application.  Pearl Berger,
Dean of the Libraries/Yeshiva University, will help unravel the
intricacies of applications for microfilming projects.  And Deirdre
Lawrence, Principle Librarian/Coordinator of Research Services,
Brooklyn Museum of Art Libraries and Archives, will trace the path
travelled from unsuccessful to successful application and the wisdom
gained in the process.

All are welcome to attend this instructive seminar (even if your
institution is not a METRO member) but seats are limited so please
reserve your place by calling METRO at 212-228-2320.  The admission
charge is $5 at the door.  We look forward to seeing you there!

METRO CPAC Members: Fred Bearman, chair (Columbia Univ); Dorothea
Colligan (American Bible Society); Miriam Deutsch (Brooklyn College);
Gretchen Feltes (NYU Law Library); Hollee Haswell (Columbiana); Susan
Martin (NY Academy of Medicine); Kate Murray (NYU Libraries)

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