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Re: library cataloging

I'm curious to know if anyone involved with a special collection has
organized a separate data base for artists' books.  I've thought of this
myself when I work in the UW collection.

My thought is a data base on a stand alone computer with fields for:

Printing type (etching, Gocco, letterpress, etc.)
Text only
Visual only

Items with full catalonging would have a LC number, those without could
have an internal numbering system choosen by staff.  A fact sheet could
be filled out by the librarian or artist/binder when the work is sold
or donated to the library.

The system should be something simple that be entered quickly, perhaps by
the users of a collection as the materials were used or maybe  by  a
volunteer for a local book arts group.

When a user wanted to see a certain type of binding or artist, in
addition to working with the librarian, that information could be pulled
up and books retrieved by library clerks.

Now that we have artists' books collection, access seems to be the
problem and it may be that trying to fit our special needs into the big
institutional cataloging systems may not be successful.

Does anyone have any experience in something like this - or something no
one has mentioned yet?  Don't be shy.


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