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Re: library cataloging

At 09:34 AM 4/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm curious to know if anyone involved with a special collection has
>organized a separate data base for artists' books.  I've thought of this
>myself when I work in the UW collection.
>My thought is a data base on a stand alone computer with fields   CUT.....

>When a user wanted to see a certain type of binding or artist, in
>addition to working with the librarian, that information could be pulled
>up and books retrieved by library clerks.
>Now that we have artists' books collection, access seems to be the
>problem and it may be that trying to fit our special needs into the big
>institutional cataloging systems may not be successful.
>Does anyone have any experience in something like this - or something no
>one has mentioned yet?  Don't be shy.
I have created a simple but effective database for managing a personal art
collection using dBase for DOS.  I t is searchable by several fields and can
be complied (dBaseV for DOS has built in complier) to run as a stand alone
system without the need for the end user to have a full version of dBase
software on each machine.

However, my current need is to write a searchable database for a library
video collection of 900-1000 titles.  Given the sorting limitations in my
library's OPAC I have decided that a completely cross- referenced and
cross-link web page would be better suited for my stand alone and remote
searching needs.  Any web page could be run on any machine loaded with
Netscape or any Windows browser in a local mode.  The same file
configuration could also be run on a sever with only a few minor changes of
the local file:///C| addresses to http://

Why write a second database if you also need to address a Web audience as well.

If  I had a better OPAC I wouldn't worry about Web access to a seperate
list.  If you don't have the searchable fields to work with, then I would go
with a web structure , even if it only runs on one machine.

Interested in other approaches, web or stand alone databases.


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