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Re: possibility?

Hi EAC...Why do you suppose Charles Alexander hit the internet with a
pitch for Alex Garza?

We are sorry to hear your news about your car. What a set-back for
you. Will your insurance cover the car's damages or is your deductible
too low? I'm sad about your loss of cash. It is so easy to put $$$
above the sun visor. I've done it plenty of times but I'M NOT GOING TO
DO IT AGAIN! Where had you stashed your $$$?

Tonight Bill said...NO...ABSOLUTELY NOT so I had to sit back and take
a close look at what was going on.

Had an interview with the director of Women's Studies today which was
clarifying for me. She is innovative and creative so I think we can
work something out. I am encouraged. My main issue right now is
sort through her writings and see what her contributions were.
Probably I can take courses at UAZ on the internet during the fall
semester while I'm in Maine. Cool! I would not enter the program until
fall'98 as the class for this year is already filled. The best I could
expect for $$$ will be tuition and registration waver but I will think
about APPLYING TO AAUW for a fellowship or grant.

Wouldn't it be great to carry out all these dreams? I am looking for
something to become SERIOUSLY INVOLVED IN and this may be it. My goal
at the moment is to obtain an MA in Women's Studies in 2000AD!!! Am
making up for what I missed in college and did not keep up with during
those years I was part-timing in WEC's office and teaching at Univ
College. Life is so interesting...long may it last!!!

Susan called last night with a sad message that Ilie Smultea died on
Sat. Karen Nelson Groth called Susan at work and told her so Susan had
to be the family member that told us which was hard for her. She was
VERY UPSET... understandably. Usually we are the ones to call with
family news. Evidentally Ilie was in a car accident. Karen told Susan
that he was killed but since he was 81 years I wonder if he maybe had
a stroke or heart attack and  had an accident as a result. We have not
been able to get ahold of Judy or Mari Ann or Libby yet. I feel so
badly for the two girls...even an elderly dad is still DAD. Susan said
Karen said that Judy is still coming to the wedding.

I love you and can't wait to hug you and talk, talk, talk.   mom

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