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Re: possibility?

And this touching personal note was meant for whom?


This list is about a week away from being moderated. I've been getting ALOT
of requests for some what to reduce the amount of extemporaneous messages.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Peter Verheyen

At 10:34 PM 4/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi EAC...Why do you suppose Charles Alexander hit the internet with a
>pitch for Alex Garza?
>We are sorry to hear your news about your car. What a set-back for
>you. Will your insurance cover the car's damages or is your deductible
>too low? I'm sad about your loss of cash. It is so easy to put $$$
>above the sun visor. I've done it plenty of times but I'M NOT GOING TO
>DO IT AGAIN! Where had you stashed your $$$?
>Tonight Bill said...NO...ABSOLUTELY NOT so I had to sit back and take
>a close look at what was going on.
>Had an interview with the director of Women's Studies today which was
>clarifying for me. She is innovative and creative so I think we can
>work something out. I am encouraged. My main issue right now is
>sort through her writings and see what her contributions were.
>Probably I can take courses at UAZ on the internet during the fall
>semester while I'm in Maine. Cool! I would not enter the program until
>fall'98 as the class for this year is already filled. The best I could
>expect for $$$ will be tuition and registration waver but I will think
>about APPLYING TO AAUW for a fellowship or grant.
>Wouldn't it be great to carry out all these dreams? I am looking for
>something to become SERIOUSLY INVOLVED IN and this may be it. My goal
>at the moment is to obtain an MA in Women's Studies in 2000AD!!! Am
>making up for what I missed in college and did not keep up with during
>those years I was part-timing in WEC's office and teaching at Univ
>College. Life is so interesting...long may it last!!!
>Susan called last night with a sad message that Ilie Smultea died on
>Sat. Karen Nelson Groth called Susan at work and told her so Susan had
>to be the family member that told us which was hard for her. She was
>VERY UPSET... understandably. Usually we are the ones to call with
>family news. Evidentally Ilie was in a car accident. Karen told Susan
>that he was killed but since he was 81 years I wonder if he maybe had
>a stroke or heart attack and  had an accident as a result. We have not
>been able to get ahold of Judy or Mari Ann or Libby yet. I feel so
>badly for the two girls...even an elderly dad is still DAD. Susan said
>Karen said that Judy is still coming to the wedding.
>I love you and can't wait to hug you and talk, talk, talk.   mom

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