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Re: the latest thing

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997 18:05:31 -0700 pat baldwin <patbooks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>A book friend in Santa Fe just told me the latest over there is
>COPIER (pronounced cop-ee-ay) ART.   ;-)
>love it

Since no one else has picked up this thread, thought I'd throw my 2
cents' worth in. There is an association, the International Society of
Copier Artists, directed by Louise Neaderland that has been around for at
least 15 years. The idea is that participating artists would produce an
edition of prints that use photocopier technology and that edition of
prints (usually between 110 and 125) is then collated and distributed to
the membership in quarterly installments. They're always great fun to
receive, and each year they produce a Book Edition -- this year it will
be available in late June, probably. Generally, the artists are
encouraged to "explore" the copier as a medium, rather than just
photocopying a work done in another medium. This separates those artists
who own a photocopier from those who rely on the neighborhood QuikCopy
(or what have you). I am one of those who can only resort to my
neighborhood copy store, but the proprietor is generally tolerant of my
printing, as long as I stay away from photocopying any body parts that
are generally covered by clothing -- and best left that way! :-)  Louise
Neaderland and the ISCA can be reached via e-mail at <isca4art2b@xxxxxxx>
or via snail mail at 759 President Street #2H, Brooklyn NY 11215. Phone
is (718)638-3264. I hope anyone interested in photocopy as medium will
get in touch with Louise... any organization benefits from "new blood".

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