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Re: library cataloging

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Michael E. Morin wrote:

> At 09:34 AM 4/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >I'm curious to know if anyone involved with a special collection has
> >organized a separate data base for artists' books.  I've thought of this
> >myself when I work in the UW collection.

A separate database would certainly help users within the library, but it
wouldn't help those outside seeking collections or specific works, unless
the database were accessible via the web.

> >Now that we have artists' books collection, access seems to be the
> >problem and it may be that trying to fit our special needs into the big
> >institutional cataloging systems may not be successful.

These may not be unlike other "archival" type collections, where a
finding aid has been developed (and is usually available in-house).
One of the genuinely exciting new developments in library catalogs is
web-based catalogs, which actually let you point and click to get access
to things like those finding aids, which might reside on the web!!! (You
can also point and click to other web sites, so that something like the
book arts list or Minsky Online could be included in a library catalog).

This approach certainly eliminates the need for maintaining two sets of
data! I won't say all libraries will have web-based catalogs right away,
but that is certainly all that is being marketed/developed right now.


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