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Re: Moderation of list.


I don't much like the idea of a moderated list, although I do notice that
some things get through that aren't meant to. Still, I'm not bothered by
the few times a week this happens, nor by the "me too" messages --
sometimes it's good to see that some idea has support, even if the poster
doesn't want to engage substantially.

Just don't like the idea of a filter.


At 09:50 AM 4/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Let me clarify what I mean by moderation and how it would work. Everyone
>would still be able to post as they always have. The only difference would
>be that the postings go to me first, and I pass them on. Messages copying
>an entire message with "me too" added or obviously personal messages would
>not get passed on. Likewise messages such as "how do I get on/off" I'll
>deal with those myself, after all that is my job. I won't be censoring to
>meet my own personal agenda. I really like the eclectic and diverse nature
>of this group even if I personally don't agree with everything said.=20
>I'm going to think this one over for a while so please send me your
>personal comments, pro or con, to the list or me personally. What I would
>like to see is a little be more thought before sending. It is something
>everyone, me included, has been "guilty" of. I've enjoyed and continue to
>enjoy doing this list, and don't necessarily need the extra work, it's
>true, but what else am I supposed to do once grad school is finally done
>with in a few short weeks, huh?
>Comments welcome.

charles alexander / chax press / chax@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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