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Re: library cataloging

>can also point and click to other web sites, so that something like the
>book arts list or Minsky Online could be included in a library catalog).

The advantage of maintaining a catalog link to a website is that the researcher accesses current info. The problem with it is that it is dependent on the maintenance of a site outside the control of the library. Sites like CoOl with this list's archive are institutional and likely to stay around, but something like Minsky Online may disappear. If a library wants to catalog such a site, it may be more reliable to keep a copy of the site on the library's computer. A "reader" could be given the option of accessing the archive or going online. An image-intensive site a local file should be faster than downloading online (although cable and cellular modems I believe are actually faster than hard drives).

There was a recent thread on exlibris about archiving websites. A library might want to maintain its own archive of a specialty subject (e.g., if the library maintains a book arts collection), or might want to link to a web archive library site (if that exists yet--it seemed to from one of Peter Graham's posts) as a backup in the event that a site is no longer online.

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