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Re: Moderation of list.

   I also belong to lists both moderated and unmoderated, and find the
former to be more beneficial to me. Some people point out that it's just
a matter of using one's Delete key, and in fact I do that often, but
I'm always afraid that by doing so, I'll miss a personal message which
was sent to me instead of the list with the same or similar topic - i.e.,
if there is a discussion on Paper brayers, and I ask for responses to
me off the list, someone might send me a personal mail reading Re: Paper
brayers. This wouldn't tell me whether it was a personal reply or whether
it was a reply to the list itself.  If Peter were able to eliminate a lot
of "me, too" mails, it would mean less mail headers I'll have to look at
very carefully.

Kay Dion
Librarian I, Preservation Unit Head   |
W.E.B. DuBois Library                 |         Someday I'll put a
University of Massachusetts           |           clever saying here ...
Amherst, MA   01003                   |
kdion@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx               |

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