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sharpening knives

        I recently purchased a set of knives from Woodcraft Tools.
        They are swiss knife blanks groundwith a double bevel. The sizes
        range from 1/8" to 3/4" in width. The knives are extremely useful
        for multi purpose cutting and edge paring. As with a paring knife,
        the tools are not useful unless their edges are kept sharp.
        I would like some feed back on how others sharpen their knives,
        paring or bouble beveled types. I know there are different
        schools of thought on this subject. When I took Bernard Middleton's
        workshpo out at Fred Jordan's bindery, he was very helpful with
        showing me some of this techniques.
        I am using my new knives in lue of my Olfa cutter, but haven't
        given up the Olfa totally. It is still useful for certain applications.
        I do like having a choice of various weights and thicknesses of a
        blade and keeping a strop at my bench to stroke the blade with
        periodically. Hedi and I have set aside Friday afternoon for
        sharpening our knives. I find this ritual quite satisfying.
        Woodcraft Tools has a great catalog. We also use their swiss made
        no.9 gouges for thumb hole cuts and slits for holding items in place.
        Their number is 1 800 535 4482.

        Denise Carbone
        Assistant Conservator
        The American Philosophical Society
        105 South 5th Street
        Philadelphia, PA 19106
        (215) 440-3413

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