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Boston-Area (And Other) Groups?

I have a question for this list. As part of SOTA (Society of Typographic
Aficionados)'s effort to attract type lovers from our area, it's been
suggested to us that we contact a number of local groups centered around
bookmaking, printing, and calligraphy. However, the person who gave us
this list doesn't have contact info, and none of the groups seem to be
listed in the Boston phone book. If any of you Boston-area people are in
contact with any of the following:

Society of Printers, Letterpress Guild of NE, Calligrapher's Guild,
Book-Builders of Boston, American Typefounders Fellowship, Printing &
Publishing Council, and PINE

could you please send some contact info our way? It'd be most

Of course, we'd also like to hear about similar groups *outside* our
area, too.

Bob Colby (for SOTA)

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