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Re: Moderation of list.

Peter asked:
>I'm going to think this one over for a while so please send me your
>personal comments, pro or con, to the list or me personally. What I would
>like to see is a little be more thought before sending. It is something
>everyone, me included, has been "guilty" of. I've enjoyed and continue to
>enjoy doing this list, and don't necessarily need the extra work, it's
>true, but what else am I supposed to do once grad school is finally done
>with in a few short weeks, huh?

I really enjoy the diversity of topics on the list, even those which are a
bit (or a lot) off topic.  And I understand that you don't feel it is the
role of the moderator to censor.  I do think that moderating the list would
take a lot of time - time that could be more productively spend making books
or going for walks in the park - so I would discourage you on that basis, it
will be a lot of work and although I'm sure you read every post now anyhow,
it will feel like an obligation, so as to not slow down communication for
all the list members.

I do agree that the posts that quote other messages in full irk me, and must
be even more irksome for the digest members, who don't have the option of
just closing the message, they have to scroll past all that extra stuff.
Perhaps everyone could just try to be vigilant about deleting anything from
a previous post that they are responding to except sufficient for us all to
know what question they are anwering or commenting on.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this, Peter.

Kathy in Saskatchewan


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