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Re: Moderation of list.

>Peter asked:
>>I'm going to think this one over for a while so please send me your
>>personal comments, pro or con, to the list or me personally. What I would
>>like to see is a little be more thought before sending. It is something
>>everyone, me included, has been "guilty" of. I've enjoyed and continue to
>>enjoy doing this list, and don't necessarily need the extra work, it's
>>true, but what else am I supposed to do once grad school is finally done
>>with in a few short weeks, huh?
I don't mind some of the junk that gets on, it's not that bad really.  I
think the FAQ notice that you periodically send out, could also caution
people to delete un-necessary quotes, and to be careful when hitting the
reply button.  Hopefully awareness and education will do it, although there
will always be the few who will not read their notice upon subscribing.

Thanks for asking,

Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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