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I would vote against moderation. It would be a great deal of work, and the
problem isn't too bad. The "me too" messages are a pain, and perhaps people will
bear that in mind before sending them? The accidental is often quite heart-
warming, I thought the letter from mom was splendid, and I am certainly prepared
to forgive them, and the occasional writer who returns a message without even
remembering to add "me too".

When I am too busy, I'm afraid I just delete all the messages. I can always pick
them up in the archive after all, if I notice that I have missed something that
interests me very much.

May I say in conclusion how very much I have enjoyed this list over the years,
particularly the technical discussions. I remember with great pleasure an account
of the difficulties of publishing in Thailand, and the explanations of Banana
Paper and Elephant Dung!

John Morris
National Library of Scotland

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