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Moderation Seems Unnecessary


Regarding your indication that a moderated list might be in our future.

As an alternative, I recommend more frequent postings defining proper
netiquette and instructing members on how to switch to the digest

I have changed to the DIGEST FORMAT and it allows me to review the
"Topics of the Day" at the beginning of each mailing.  I then read only
the postings with topics in which I have an interest.  I can ignore the
useless messages, off-target messages and junk without wasting time.

I recommend this for everybody as an efficient way to get the most out
of this list.

Like some of the other respondents to your suggestion, I don't think
this list is that bad.  I receive several mailing lists and have seen
lists go out of control.  Book_Arts is nowhere near this situation.

Thanks to all for a most informative and enjoyable list.  I learn a
lot.  Where else could I hope to be tutored by such a wide variety of

P. Croy
> This list is about a week away from being moderated. I've been getting ALOT
> of requests for some what to reduce the amount of extemporaneous messages.
> Thank you for your cooperation.
> Peter Verheyen

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