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Moderation: Final Word

Daria (and everyone else):

the problem with anarchy (in the pure sense) is that it only works if
everyone is aware of their responsibilities to themselves and the
collective. We have rules for relationships, kids... Spirits can be free,
but need a little order imposed, even if benign. There are different
options for doing that. This group in some ways is better than most.

### of Messages:
Moderation would not significantly reduce the amount of email you get, for
those hoping for relief from lots of email. This list is slow compared to
some I'm on. I also have no way of knowing when someone's box is about to
get full. Do regular house cleaning in your mailboxes. Print it out, or
just go to the archive (for this list). Instructions / directions are
continually sent out. Even un-moderated this list can be tedious. Accounts
change, boxes fill up... I get all those messages in addition to the
postings. Sometimes I get 2-3 times as many error messages as postings.

$$$ for the Net:
We all pay for the net, some of us just get more for our money, be that in
the form of bigger mailboxes, real access, actually being able to connect.
Some have written that they can't get messages over a certain length, Juno
subscribers being the worst off. Sorry can't help there.

Changing options, etc:
The instructions are posted in the FAQ and pretty straight forward. The URL
is <http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey>. Bookmark it. With 90% of people
writing to me, "how do I?", I find out that they managed themselves in the
same batch of mail. You all managed to subscribe yourselves, you all know
how to post, you can all change options. If you can't because your account
changed, I'm more than happy to help. When I started this list, I gave
email tutorials online. Of course that was almost 4 years ago. I expect a
lot more now, the list is just too big. If you have a question ask me,
don't clutter the list.

The list is set up so that by default replies go to the list. I like this
because it allows all of to share in the discussion. If it's inconvenient
to cut and paste the address because you want to reply to the individual
instead of the list. Oh well, cut and paste away. If it's inconvenient,
tough. You may also be able to set reply options in your email program.

AOL users, some of you may not be aware that when you reply the original
message is automatically included in the reply, just not visible. At least
that is how it is on my wife's account. Don't cut and paste to make sure
the original posting is there, it'll show up 2x.

Let's make a really concerted effort to clean up our postings in the sense
of including only what is neccessary to make a point or keep a discussion
going. With different themes running at the same time it is nice to have
parts of the original reply in a message, but let's not copy everything and
say "me to."

Last thing:
Let's all be tolerant of each other. We all make mistakes at times, even
the list owner, yup, that's me. I've looked through a lot of the archive
and we're a pretty good bunch. There have been some great discussions.
Let's keep it this way.

I'm currently tending not to moderate, would be a lot of work. I like the
spontaneous nature of open posting. Less inhibiting. If someone wants to
write a catch NETIQUETTE FAQ (Artemis ?), I'll add it to the regular
posting. As one person wrote to me last night, do I really want to moderate
when I could be walking in the park, or working on books? The answer is NO.

Let's get back to the book arts now. Enough of my rambling. I'd rather have
fun. I'd also like the list to be fun for everyone.

Think we can all try to live by the rules? I thought so.


>> Je mehr das Eiweiss stinkt, deso mehr der Goldschnitt blinkt!    <<

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