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Re: Moderation: Final Word

Hello all!
Just had to throw in my two cents worth. I hate the thought of this list
being moderated. Try dealing with some of the stagecraft lists and
you'll learn to truly appreciate this one.
I feel that daily postings of "netiquette tips" (not a long list of
tips, just one little tip a day) would be great. If we see a netiquette
tip every time we open our mailbox, I think we may become a little less
Peter's list of FAQ's is great. I printed a copy to have on hand but, I
must confess, I never read the whole thing. I'll bet I'm not the only
guilty party. I believe, however, that a short tip every day would be
seen, read, and possibly appreciated by some newbie somewhere.
(like me!)
Georgie from Georgia

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