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Dear Friends,
I am writing with a computer-online problem. I know it's off the Book Arts
subject but related to this method of communication. I am trying to get off
of AOL and signed on with a local provider. However, I cannot install their
software. I have a PowerMAc system 7.5. The TCP/IP control panel has been
taken over by the AOL software and I cannot get rid of the Aol. I have
deleted everything AOL on my hard drive, trashed the TCP/IP, reinstalled the
TCP/IP from my hard drive installation disk, and it still keeps coming up
TCP/IP(AOL). I have spent a lot of time on the phone with my local provider
and we have yet to solve it. If anyone has any suggestions, I would
appreciate them. You can send them to me privately: gaylordsk@xxxxxxxx I'm
using my son's computer for this, and hopefully I'll be writing from a new
e-mail address on my own computer soon. Thanks.
Susan Kapuscinski GAylord

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