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Re: Artists' books in the library

Artemis has rightly complimented Sandra Kroupa at
the UW library for making artists' books accessible.
I would like to add to the list of User Friendly
Archivists and Librarians by noting current and past
sorts of similar ilk:  Joan Lyons and staff at Visual
Studies Workshop Archive; Gay Walker then Louis
Silverstein then ? at Sterling Library at Yale;
Martha Wilson at Franklin Furnace (who let me work
my gloved way A-Z through FF's incredible collection),
and Clive Phillpot, once of MOMA, who did likewise and
who engineered the acquisition of FF's collection
for MOMA.  As well, printers and publishers are
excellent hands-on people, ditto bookstores, ditto
ditto book book dealers and, of course, book artists,

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