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Re: Deckles

Having made molds and deckles out of marine ply, teak and brunzillo for my
students I can state with certainty that if you are making lots and lots of
paper go for the hard wood, especially on molds above 12" x 18"  These early
mold/deckles are over 12 years old.  Brass screen will out-perform the
heat-shrink polyscreen from Lee McDonald over time and create less of a
pattern on your paper's surface.  Lee sells both screens.  The poly screen
tends to catch fiber, pigments and sizing over time and high usage even when
washed and brushed religeously after each use making it more difficult to
form an even sheet.  But for student work polyscreen has the great advantage
of being cheaper and easier to build with yourself.
I use a poly sealer for the wood and re-finish them almost every year.  It is
very important to store the mold/deckles flat so they don't warp.
Since I live in an inland port city that has two major boatbuilders it is
sometimes possible to get hardwood primarily used for boats and this is the
best.  Also I watch for want ads in the paper and have picked up some good
wood for mold making.  Anyway,  It is great fun building your own equipment!

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