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Re: Artist's Books in Libraries

Add Timothy Murray, Morris Library, University of Delaware, to the list of
very user friendly repositories of great collections of artist's books
in special collections. And, I'm looking for a resource list of other
libraries that collect artist's books, livre d'artiste in particular. If
you know of such libraries, or other institutions, I'd very much
appreciate having this information, including the name (title) of the
person in charge. I'll gladly share my short list of such institutions.
Please e-mail me direct and spare the list being overloaded.
Norman Sasowsky
Professor Emeritus
University of Delaware
Newark, De 19716
PS New book: THE ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES, with the poet Fleda Brown Jackson,
added to my HomePage:http://seurat.art.udel.edu/Art/Faculty/Norskyhp.htm
in additions to several other artist's books. And, visit the Morris
Library, Special Collections, on line at udel.edu

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