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Re: Bookbinding Quality Control

You sent 21st Apr at 17:59:
>I would appreciate suggestions about where I could find information about
>tests which are used in assessing the quality of book bindings. .....

>Rupert N. Evans
>Prairie Publications

The following Standards may have some relevance to your enquiry:
BS 4971: Part 2:1980(1989)      Archival Binding  [ISBN  0 580 11604 2]
BS 6738:1986(1991)      Recommendations for Presentation of Spine Titles
[ISBN  0 580 15463 7]
BS 7451:1991    Specification for Archival Quality Bookbinding Leather  [ISBN 0
580 19763 8]

Rodney Fry
Berkshire, UK
< rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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