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book theft

  Sometimes a personal disaster has a dimension that is more public.  We
were in Toronto, Canada last week at a conference.  While we were there,
our car was broken into and our luggage stolen.  While the thieves got
nothing they could sell, they did get some things I can't replace--like
two years of research notes and some of my handbound books.
  Has anyone out there who has suffered a similar experience had any
luck recovering the books?  These were not conventional leather bound
sorts of "pretty books".  One was a blank, a model actually, of a limp
vellum non-adhesive wrapper, of value only for the vellum and in a
distinctive clam shell box I made.  The other was a paper case laced on
binding of Dewint paper (Barcham Green) with a cover design of some
wonderful bits of Rick Cavasin's beautiful dyed vellum in an abstract
pattern laced through the cover paper on the front.  The book was given
to me by the author, a personal friend, and was an academic book,
cheaply printed in Italy.  I don't think the thieves could peddle either

one, since they are not technically valueable, but both are unique and
of sentimental value to me.  Consoling stories, please, happy endings
preferred, from those on the list, especially Canadians.
 Dorothy Africa

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