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Re: new repair business

Much good advice from Peter, there.  At Legacy, we charge on an hourly
rate (subdivided to the half hour) of $40, plus the cost of materials
(usually just averaged out to $5 increments).  This way, the full leather
binding doesn't cost me so much more than the full cloth one.  The
toughest thing is the learning curve...like when, having just started my
shop, I estimated the cost of a simple leather reback on two 18th century
volumes to be 3 hours labor, only to discover once I opened them up that
someone c. 1960 had rebacked the books using some sort of epoxy...

And his observation on needing to educate your clients is certainly
true.  Be prepared for the people who will want you to recase their
favorite bible in full leather for less than it would cost for them to
buy a new one in "leather" at their local bookstore.  *sigh*


James T. Downey         jdowney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Legacy Art & BookWorks, Inc.
Now featuring "Landscapes in Three Media", a one-woman show that you can
get a taste of at:   http://www.legacyart.com

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