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Re: Help with leaves...

Colleen wrote:
>   I have been trying to figure out a way to attach leaves to homemade
>hemp paper. I was originally going to "laminate" them between two sheets
>of paper, but I was afraid that the detail would not be very visible.
>Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could attach leaves so that
>they are very visible, but at the same time the book will last a while?

I had a problem when a clent wanted a book for his daughter with a real
maple leaf on the front.  I solved the problem by doing a modified split
board type of cover.  On the inside board I mounted the leaf using PVA/paste
mix and coating the whole thing with matte medium.  Then I attached the
outside board with a window in it to expose the leaf.  The outside board was
covered with a paste paper I made in sky blue colors.

        || |  | ||
         | |  | ||
         | |  | ||
         | |  | ||
        || |_| ||

sort of like this (assuming this looks to you like it does to me) First line
(on left) is board with window in it, second line is inside board, then text
block, then double board on back to match weight of front.

I don't know if this will help you, but it doeskeep the leaf from being damaged.



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