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Re: Help with leaves...

>   I have been trying to figure out a way to attach leaves to homemade
>hemp paper. I was originally going to "laminate" them between two sheets
>of paper, but I was afraid that the detail would not be very visible.
>Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could attach leaves so that
>they are very visible, but at the same time the book will last a while?
>   Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
>            Colleen

I have attached leaves to handmade paper using a sheet of tengujo japanese
tissue which I cut about 2cm larger than the handmade paper on all sides. I
paste the tengujo out using very thin wheat starch paste.  I sandwhich the
leaves in between the handmade paper and the tengujo, making sure there are
no creases.  Once this is done, I paste out the extra tengujo around the
edges and put it on a karibari board so that it dries flat (any flat
surface would do). The tenjujo is so thin that it looks as though the
leaves were added to the sheet during formation.
Hope this helps.

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