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Mimeograph & Encyclopedia reprint

>Peter D. Verheyen (pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
>Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:18:22 -0500

>Those interested in Mimeograph/Ditto printing might want to take a look at
>the archives of Exlibris a listserv for the rare books and special
>collections community.
>The URL is
>Pretty interesting stuff for the most part. Richard Minsky had some
>interesting comments as well.

If I can get away with a shameless plug here, I'd like to mention this
Chronology of Office Copying Processes:


It is brief but quite useful by itself. Those who need more comprehensive
details are referred to my _Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic and
Photomechanical Processes_ which can be found in many libraries. It has
been out of print for a while and I wish I could update it but this is not
likely to happen in the foreseable future, so I am planning a small reprint
in the upcoming few weeks. More details, somewhat out of date, can be found
on this web site:


Those who wish more info such as availability and new prices should contact
me OFFLIST at the address below.

Luis Nadeau
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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