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Re: recasing terminology

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Tara D. Kennedy wrote:

> At 01:41 PM 4/24/97 -0800, you wrote:
> >Could someone please clarify these terms for me?
> >
> >Barbara said she would be "recasing in the original bindings."  I thought
> >recasing meant taking the text block out and making new boards and spines
> >to put it in--in other words a new case.  But if you do that it's not in
> >the original binding, is it?

My input:

According to Randy Silverman, Preservation Librarian at the UNiversity of
Utah (bookbinder extraordinaire from whom I learned all I know), we used
the following terminology:

A "reback" is using the original boards, fabric, spine piece, etc.  Then
reattaching the boards with new material, inserting text block and then
attaching spine piece (if useable).

A "recase" is removing and discarding old cover, then constructing a new
case completely for it.  If possible, the original spine piece could be
used, or new ones printed on Mengei Shi (or Moriki) paper and run through a
laser printer--using a program like Quark to design label.

Hope this helps.


Michel Rogerson
UNL Libraries, Book Repair Specialist

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         type--perpetual late fees on the library card, reading ten
         books at once, and always trying to get you to read the one
         he just finished..."

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