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Re: Kelsey 5x8 platen adjustment

 On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Wayne Batcheler wrote:

> On 24 April, Rommel John Miller wrote to ask how to set the platen screws
> of his new Kelsey 5x8 to achieve a "nice, crisp, clean and even result,"
> because he "can't seem to get as nice an impression" as he gets on the
> Vandercook.
> Well, there is good news and bad news here. As owner of both a 9x13
> platen jobber and a Vandercook Universal III, I have learned that your
> Kelsey will never give the same result as the Vandercook proof press. It
> won't handle a full form of type without "bucking," no matter how much
> packing you use or how you tighten the screws, because the frame of the
> press is not strong enough and there is slop in the bearings.The Kelsey
> was never intended to print books.

Another factor at work in the disparity of printing quality is the
difference between how a cylinder (Vandercook) and a platen (Kelsey)
letterpress deliver impact.  The cylinder press only presses against type
and paper on one thin line so that all pressure is focused on that point.
The platen press disperses the pressure over the full plane of the platen
giving a more varied pressure.

Dean Creighton

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