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Re: Ireland & Italy

(a newbie emerges...)
two words; Vatican Museums!
that is, if you have the chance to make it to Rome.  Also, a few blocks
north-east of the V, there's a neat little family owned bindery that was
open to the streets, it made for a charming snapshot.  :)  Have fun &
hope to hear about your adventures & what you happen to find along the

~~~~~Wind O'Mancy

Judith Quinn Garnett wrote:

> greetings all!
> I am leaving for Europe this coming week!!  Our first stop London
> (very
> breif), then Ireland, then onto, Florence, Italy and Venice.  Any
> suggestions on book arts sites?  I have checked the archives and
> have
> gotten a couple of good hints.   Any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.
> I have been in the graphic design business some 15 years. But, I am
> somwhat new to the art of bookmaking.  Which, I have developed quite
> a
> passion for.  I will be looking for useful tools, supplies, history,
> and
> inspriation.
> -Judith

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