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Just Repair It !

Dear Cor (and others),

I belive you went a little bit too far with your responce to Sue. In Hebrew
we have a simple word for it : "chutzpa" (audacity).Since we had a nice,
private  corespondance in the past, allow me to say that I also belive you
owe her an apology, but ofcourse, it's up to you. You could have said what
you did in other words. "This is the tone, that makes the music".

Uri Kolodni - Book Repair & Restoration - Tel-Aviv

At 02:51 29/04/97 EDT, you wrote:
>Just why does Cor Knops think it would be "unethical" for Sue Dunlap to
>repair some hymnals, if that is what the church wants?
>I am assuming the hymnals in question are not rare treasures, so that
>there is no "higher duty" to the objects themselves. I also assume that
>the hymnals are used every Sunday and are kind of beat up. The church
>apparently does not want them "conserved" in their current condition, nor
>do they want to pay to have them "restored" to their original condition.
>New books would be a lot cheaper. Maybe the church would rather spend the
>money on a soup kitchen they run.
>Does Cor Knops think that if Sue refuses the request to repair the
>hymnals, the church will realize they have no alternative but to spend a
>great deal more money, and send them to be "restored" or "conserved" by
>Cor Knops or someone else? It seems to me that this is Cor's real reason
>for calling Sue "unethical." It is the same reason for calling
>strikebreakers or union members "scabs" or "yellow dogs" for violating
>union rules or undercutting union wages. Who elected Cor Knops to General
>Secretary of the Book Restorer's and Conserver's Union?
>I also did not like the insufferable way Cor Knops denigrates other
>workers. In my short experience, I have not seen a more mean-spirited
>piece on this list.  Does Cor Knops think books--even hymnals, to be
>sure--are more "holy" than cars, and that auto mechanics and others who
>repair such lowly utilitarian objects are trash? I like books a lot, but
>some people are really crazy about cars and who can say their tastes are
>not equally worthy? Not to mention that most cars cost more than most
>books. Also, many would agree that a good auto mechanic is hard to find.
>I know I'm sputtering with indignation here, but in closing I would like
>to say that I would rather spend time with any of the auto mechanics I
>know than with someone like Cor Knops.
>Wayne Batcheler
>New  York

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