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Re: Repair <- vs -> conserve, a new thread.....

Here we go again, on the Cor Knops bashing band wagon, thou who hath not
sinned throw him the first stone! The fact is , it is easier to hang Cor
than to answer the Church Lady. The proof is in the list answers, not
one reply to the original question. The way CL started her question to
the list "if this is an unethical" suggest  that perhaps it was. Is this
list function to set prices? When CL gets bored with hymnals, does she
gingerly go on to bigger and better victims? I recently had to work on a
Blake volume that had it's spine previously repaired with liquid
plastic, how do you like that for a repair job.
To get back to the question of pricing, I would love to know how much
you all charge for let's say a 6x9 full chieftain binding with raised
bands, and when you are at it , please tell me what is your hourly rate
for repairs or restorations (call it what you want) please indicate if
your are in private practice(PP) or moonlighting for a subsidized
organization(SO). If you find my asking unethical, please ignore.

Denis Gouey

Cor Knops wrote:

  Sue Dunlap wrote:

  >If this is an unethical way of doing this, please let me know.
  >I am in the process of starting my own book repair business.  My
  >first customer is my church, which wants their hymnals fixed.

  Yes, I think it's unethical. First of all. if you are starting a
  repair business why don't you focus on old cars or worn
  washing-machines ? That's what a repair man (woman) does: repair
  broken machinery. You take out the worn/broken part, look in our
  repertorium, and order a new part and install it...
  But, this has nothing to do with restoration or conservation.
  So, if you ask for a price for "repairing" a "church book" I would
  suggest $ 1,95 (all in)......


  Cor Knops.

  Knops Boekrestauratie
  Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
  Groenstraat 8
  6151 CS Munstergeleen / Netherlands
  tel/fax +31 46 4200024
  mail knops@xxxxxxxxx OR corknops@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  url http://www.worldaccess.nl/~corknops/index.htm
  OR  http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/index.htm


Denis Gouey

Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio
PO Box 383 Norfolk CT, 06058

860 542 5063


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