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This thread on pricing has popped up a few times before... I thought I'd
put my 2 cents in.

Personally, I disagree with the attitude I've seen occasionally that tends
to denigrate the hobbyist or person just starting out, especially with
regards to their pricing policies.  The prevailing tone seems to be "I'm a
professional, and you amateurs are wrecking the market"

While I agree that after years of practice and demonstrated ability one
should charge commensurate rates.  But:

1.  We all have to start somewhere.
2.  Some customers don't need (or want to pay for) very high quality
3.  Business is tough.  It IS hard to compete with someone in their garage.
But that's the market.  You have to provide demonstrated value added to the
customer.  The good one's will know you get what you pay for.  Try it this
way:  if your VW needs a tuneup for a smog check and you know a guy who'll
do it in his garage for 1/3 of the dealers price, where would you go?
OTOH, I wouldn't take my 97 Lexus to him at any price.

I just don't like the "closed shop" kind of attitude sometimes displayed.

Just an opinion,


(a beginning hobbyist, BTW, who couldn't begin to dream of charging anyone
at this point and appreciates the information in this list)

Dan Warren

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