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Re: Kapok

In a message dated 4/29/97 2:55:54 PM, you wrote:

>I have made kapok paper several times. I boiled it in lye and since kapok is
>0 times more bouyant than cotton, it took a while. It wants to float. The
> of the kapok fiber is full of air and you have to keep pushing the mass of
>er under the surface as the pot boils until, eventually, it absorbs the
water a
>nd sinks.

Would alcohol used diluted, or maybe even full strength, prior to boiling
help to wet out the fibres more rapidly?  I sometimes  put a little alcohol
in the h2o I use to wet-tear Kozo mending guards- especially if I have a lot
to do, and want to tear through 4-6 layers at once.

Jake Benson

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