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Fwd: Book thefts

  A friend posted this on another list- thought it'd be worthwhile passing

Jake Benson
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Date: 97-04-29 06:06:34 EDT

Harvard's libraries are among the many major research collections
hit by book thieves in recent years.  Last summer, a suspect (who
seems to have had a particular penchant for stealing books and
engraved book illustrations on the subject of Islamic art) was
arrested  by the Harvard University police.  This story was featured
in the March-April 1997 issue of Harvard Magazine, which is also
available on the World Wide Web at

Since that story went to press the suspect Jose Torres Carbonnel
(a former archaeology professor) has been indicted for a total of
31 felony counts, involving more than a million dollars' worth of
property.  If proved guilty, he will own the record for the largest
theft in the 361-year history of Harvard's libraries.

I'm posting this information both because it may be of general interest
and because Torres is also suspected of having victimized other academic
libraries in North America (both on the East Coast and in California).

If you suspect that your institution may have been among those visited
by Mr Torres, please pass along any information you may have.

Andras Riedlmayer

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