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Re: Repair <- vs -> conserve

Competition is good, I am the first to welcome it, as long as the
playing field is even. Unfortunatly, the playing field cannot be even
when on one side an individual can , because of a lack of overhead,
undercut prices drastically. You think that NEDCC is good for the rest
of the trade in private practice, think again, the New England states
are obligated by law to use NEDCC for most of their conservation and
restoration work. The rest goes to library binders. I would like to know
what private practice gets restoration business from the new england
institutions. I do not remember ever have seen any bidding forms go
around for any of the work to be performed. The beef I have with
federally sponsored outfits like NEDCC is that not only my tax money
goes to support them but to add salt to the wound they go after my
clients. They will surely deny it but the fact is that the last job
opening for NEDCC was for a marketing position.NEDCC should clearly and
truly state its function either as a public service with all the
benefits of a not for profit organization or as a capitalist venture and
thus  taxed like other private practices.

Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

  >I will take the opportunity to raise the ethical
  >question of institution conservators moonlighting and of
  >sponsored institutions like New England Conservation Center
  >potential private clients.
  First off, why shouldn't we moonlight, whether it is with repair,
  conservation, or fine binding. When apprenticing in Germany I was
  by the perverse way in which my "master" tried to close down every
  which wasn't allowed to practice binding, including "Kinko's" type
  doing velo binding. We have the freedom to practice our trades here
  this one isn't regulated though sometimes I wish we would at least
  minimum competency standards. As long as they charge fair prices so
  be it.
  Competition can also force one to improve.

  As for sponsored institutions like NEDCC, who cares. They offer a
  service and their prices certainly aren't a threat as evidenced by
  proposals which would have used them. Most of their clients are
  institutions (libraries, historical societies...) which also receive

  governmental funding. Of course governmental grant monies can also
  be used
  to fund work done by private conservators. I guess it's a level


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  Syracuse, NY 13244


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