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Re: list changes

At 1:19 PM 97/04/29, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
>Since one person asked, I figured there were more of you out there...
>A spam is electronic junkmail. Spamers harvest the names of lists and
>subscribers and then target them for bulk emails. Having to confirm when
>you subscribe makes it more difficult for the machines to subscribe. Of
>course if someone wants on and jumps through the hoops... There's not much
>I can do about it.
>To get a list of subscribers send the following command to:
>review book_arts-l
>That's all there is to it.

I did that and got little. You must have pulled the plug just before I got

Another command that I prefer is something like:

        review book_arts-l by country

This will normally give you a list of subscribers by, you guessed it,
country. The system is not perfect as it seems to determine countries of
origin by looking at the suffix, e.g., ".ca" for Canada, or ".fr" for
France, etc. Compuserve and AOL are present in several countries so you
can't assume someone with an AOL address is in the US.

In this case however this command only gave me the following:

*  Country        Subscribers
*  -------        -----------
*  ??? (AD)               1
*  Australia             15
*  Brazil                 3
*  Canada                58
*  Costa Rica             1
*  Denmark                1
*  Finland                1
*  Germany                1
*  Great Britain         20
*  India                  1
*  Ireland                1
*  Israel                 2
*  Italy                  2
*  Japan                  1
*  Netherlands            5
*  New Zealand            6
*  South Africa           6
*  Spain                  3
*  Sweden                 4
*  Switzerland            1
*  USA                  798
* Total number of "concealed" subscribers:          11
* Total number of users subscribed to the list:    931  (non-"concealed" only)
* Total number of countries represented:            21  (non-"concealed" only)
* Total number of local node users on the list:      0  (non-"concealed" only)

So, if you plan a trip to say, the Netherlands, or Sweden, where you would
like to meet fellow bookbinders, you won't be able to find list members
through this command. Hopefully, the listowner will make this valuable info
available on request.

Luis Nadeau
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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