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Re: Papermaking


I don't have the space to make paper from scratch, so to speak, but I do
recycle old papers into new, innovative papers.  I use them to make books,
use in layering in my rubber stamping and trade with others who also

Give it a try.  Just don't use construction paper.  You can even use dryer


On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Daniel Warren wrote:

> I've been dabbling in making some paper and have a question which must have
> been asked before.  Books I've read on the subject seem to be divided into
> to camps; those that describe the industrial process and those for the
> hobbyist which say things like "shred some paper and put it in the blender".
> I just don't see the aesthetic appeal of making paper out of perfectly
> good...paper.  But the processes described in the other books for pulping
> rags are way beyond what I can do at home. (where would I put a Hollander
> even if I could make one?)
> Just experimenting, by shredding cotton rags and boiling with lime for a
> couple hours, rinsing, and thowing the result (practically one piece at a
> time) into a blender I was able to make a product I believe is called "half
> stuff", i.e., their is no more "fabric" consistency to the mass but the
> fibers are still way to long and conglomerated to make paper with.
> So where does the enterprising amateur go from here?  Attempts at pounding
> with a wooden mallet just made a mess.  I figure if I could find a couple
> of, say, 12 inch gears I could make a small scale pulper, but those things
> aren't at ACE...
> Any ideas on getting the final pulp at home?
> Thanks,
> Dan
> warrend@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dan Warren
> warrend@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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