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Re: Repair <- vs -> conserve

I'm only addressing this one part of  Jack's nice, long post. It's where
I have some experience...I'm a book artist, not a conservator, restorer,
or repairman! ;->

> Moonlighting conservators who use intitutional property to conduct a
> private practice unethically compete with private conservators.  Period.

This practice is/was widespread and affects many, many areas. I've
worked at universities, where the staff/faculty unfairly competed for
freelance work. I say unfair due to all the reasons that Jack mentioned
about overhead, etc.

When I worked as instructor/staff photojournalist in a bio-medical
communication dept. back in the late 70s, a colleague was sued for
"unfair trade practices" or something like that. It seems his
competitor(s) got tired of loosing bids to a state-sponsored (animation)
artist. This prompted a memo that circulated around the department
regarding the use of state owned equipment for profit. The politics of
these instances can get sticky, but the downside can become downright
criminal if the issue is pressed to the limits. All it takes is the
issue of tax-dollars being spent to help enrich individuals and the
smoke begins to billow and a witchhunt ensues.

Also, let's please keep this civil. Otherwise the debate turns off
those, like me, who are here to learn.


Darryl Baird.
MFA candidate, University of North Texas

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