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Re: Repair <- vs -> conserve

  Despite the somewhat rocky tone at times, I thank all those who have
written in on this thread for putting over their points of view on this
tricky topic.  I would like to add only a small observation, very small,
that sometimes those of us working at large institutions find ourselves
subsidizing (sp?) the boss.  For years I have paid for the sundries out
of my pocket--masking tape, wax paper, some small fasteners,
etc.--brought in my own tools to work or taken work home to do, used my
own bit of vellum, alum taw, paper--just because to get anything
ordered, paid for, or made at my place of work requires enormous amounts
of pleading, begging, whining, paper work and explaining.  It took me
two years to get some press boards just because none of the people who
controll the money had any idea what it was I was asking for (I finally
got them in twenty minutes when I found the right person to ask).  It is
just easier to do it myself, or get it myself.  Murphy's Law of large
institutions is that the more people involved, the less you get done and
  That said, it is still a lot easier to be employed here than it is to
be an independent.  I am very careful NOT to use work materials or its
facilities for private work (which I do very little of and only for
friends) for all the reasons given my Jack and Dennis.  I would also add
that pricing should reflect the work done.  As Pat has pointed out using
other people's stuff and then reaping a large profit is unethical, but
asking half price for good work just because one thinks of oneself as an

amateur, a student or "modest" is also unethical because it denegrates
the work we all do.

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