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Re: Papermaking

Hi Dan:  There is a PAPER-L list you should subscribe to here on the
internet -  Your message should be:   subscribe paper-L

send email to :    Listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Also, get a good book on making paper - there are many.  A large library

should have at least one.  Authors:  Vance Studley; Bernie Toale;

Faith Shannon and the garu of handmade paper (HMP) is Dard Hunter. You can

join the Friends of Dard Hunter they have a great annual meeting, next year in

Sonoma California.Try to  subscribe to a great professional

magazine, Handpapermaking (Box 77027,Washington,DC 20013-7027) $35 per year and

you can get back issues back to 1986.

Call Carriage House Papers at 1-800-669-8781 and they will send you a

catalog which includes books,equipment, ready beaten pulps, raw paper fibers,

the whole kit and kaboodle.

Brian Queen, in Canada, is writing a book on making your own equipment...

He will probably announce its coming out date on the Paper list.


Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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