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Re: pricing

>Steve, you've  got to make up your mind on your qualification, either
>you are an assistant professeur in philosophy as your signature claims
>,or you are engaged in the conservation business.

Why must he do this?  Are you saying that simply because he is employed as a
professor, he cannot engage in other, even if totally unrelated, businesses?
Look at my signature.  It gives three titles, none of which are necessarily
related.  Must I choose as well?  Is it not possible for me to be amply
qualified for other titles as well?  Would you have Benjamin Franklin choose
between being a statesman and a scientist?  Yeesh. I hope not.


Andrew S. Richmond '96 | Library Intern | Affiliated Scholar in History |
Project Director | The Papers of Philander Chase | Olin/Chalmers Libraries |
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        "What [I have] written are matters of *history*.  They
         are *facts*, and being so, are God's footsteps, in-
         capable of being obliterated by the hand of man.  Like
         a faithful 'log-book,' kept under the eye of an un-
         erring master, during a tempestuous voyage, the same
         will be allowed as true and just, whenever produced
         and duly examined."
                                Bp. Philander Chase

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