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Re: London, Cambridge, Paris

Crista wrote:
> Since I'm going to London, Cambridge, and Paris in June I was wondering if
> anyone had any suggestions about book-artsy places to go (specifically
> suppliers, but also museums).  Please give addresses if you have them!

The Liberty store on Regent Street has some "book-art" books in their
book dept. They used to have quite a variety and nicely displayed. But when
I was there in November, all the books were in cases behind the counter
(maybe they are again displayed in the open, since isn't the holiday season.)
They usually have copies of a little gem of a semi-annual? magazine called
"Real Art". It is filled with prints, paintings, and other art-objects, not
copies - but the real thing.  It is always interesting to see what is in it,
and it is not expensive.

Then  there is a  bookshop on the Left Bank in Paris, between the Pont Neuf
and the D'Orsay.  Don't know the name, but will try to find out.  The people
are very friendly and I don't think they mind if you go in and look -
the books here are quite expensive but very nice. Most all are in French.

robin tokmakian - Pacific Grove CA

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