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Re: pricing

Usually, it helps to know the subject you are discussing, I was just
curious to know if Steve had any business experience on the producing
end of the conservation business in a private practice. The reaction I
get from the academic community on my question about ethics of
moonlighting etc..resembles a lot the story of the fox guarding the
chicken coop. I am getting a lot of nit picking on this or that, but so
far no concrete answer. If this issue is too hot to handle, just sweep
it under the rug...eventually, it will diseappear, better off, kill the
messenger and the message will be erased. Not!

Andrew S. Richmond-The Papers of Philander Chase wrote:

  >Steve, you've  got to make up your mind on your qualification,
  >you are an assistant professeur in philosophy as your signature
  >,or you are engaged in the conservation business.

  Why must he do this?  Are you saying that simply because he is
  employed as a
  professor, he cannot engage in other, even if totally unrelated,
  Look at my signature.  It gives three titles, none of which are
  related.  Must I choose as well?  Is it not possible for me to be
  qualified for other titles as well?  Would you have Benjamin
  Franklin choose
  between being a statesman and a scientist?  Yeesh. I hope not.


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           capable of being obliterated by the hand of man.  Like
           a faithful 'log-book,' kept under the eye of an un-
           erring master, during a tempestuous voyage, the same
           will be allowed as true and just, whenever produced
           and duly examined."
                                  Bp. Philander Chase


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