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Re: list changes

At 03:47 7:24 PM 4/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 04/30/97 4:41:04 AM, you wrote:
>>review book_arts-l
>>That's all there is to it.
>I did that and got little. You must have pulled the plug just before I got
>I got the same response: actually, it said I was "not authorized" to access
>that information. It WOULD be nice to know who else is on the list, Peter.

Dear Barbara,

Oh, NO!  Where do you think the spammers get all of our email addresses?
These listservs are a primary source of addy's for them.

Noone need to know all others' addy's, IMHO.  It sounds nice; like knowing
one's neighbors; but not practical as long as companies like Cyber Promotions
are around.  Sad, though.

Ron Yost

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