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pricing - customer's view

I'm on the List because I love books - looks, feel, contents, concepts, etc
etc - and want to know all I can about them.  I have been a librarian, I
sometimes write and sometimes even publish little things using lasers and
copiers. But I don't DO bookarts, conservation etc. I know enough about such
things to want to treat books well.

I own about 5000 books of various sorts and conditions. A few have been used
for several generations with predictable results. Most are children's books,
which I would like to let my grandchildren see and handle. There is also a
Bible and Prayer Book, both still in use, but much the worse for wear. Not
expensive editions, could be 'replaced' without loss of anything but
personal history. Perversely, I want to use THESE copies. So I enquired
about repairs. I had to conclude that my father would spin out-of-control in
his grave if I paid $200 to have his little Bible repaired.

Even if it were more valuable, as I suspect some of the children's books may
be, paying so much for repairs is out of the question.  So I must hold them
together as best I can.

Maybe this is why when you DO get a book to repair/ conserve, whatever, it
has had the wrong kind of glue etc applied.

So I don't know what this proves, except perhaps there is room, and even a
market, for various levels, types, specialties, whatever, of book-artisans
and book-artists.

Phyllis Reeve

C. E. Reeve / Phyllis Reeve
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